kate and duke

Kate + Duck no es una marca, es la colaboraciรณn entre Kat Bret y DuckFive, un joven y prometedor equipo de fotรณgrafos de moda y belleza residentes en Brooklyn. Como ejemplo de su trabajo me quedo esta serie titulada "Cheveux Rouge", para ver mรกs su pรกgina web y blog. Me gusta.

Kate + Duck it's not a brand, is the collaboration between Kat Bret and DuckFive, a young and promising team of fashion and beauty photographers based in Brooklyn. As an example of their work I keep this series called "Cheveux Rouge", to see more of their
website and blog. I like it.

Cheveux Rouge
Photography: Kate+Duck
Models: Ely and Jessamyn Rose
Hair: Kahlil Oliver
MUA: Daniel K
Via: Calikartel
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