Shane Giese (1)

Impressions of Shane Giese as he prepares for the 2005 NPC Teen National Bodybuilding Championships.

Shane Giese:
"My workout plan is as follows:

Day 1 - Chest, calves
Day 2 - Back, abs
Day 3 - Shoulders, traps
Day 4 - Triceps, biceps
Day 5 - Quads, hamstrings
Day 6 - Rest
Day 7 - Repeat

I try to keep my rep range between 8-12 on most exercises. When I work my abs, I keep my rep range between 10-20."

Workout DVDs with Shane Giese:
1) The Shane Giese Project: Road to the 2005 Teen Nationals
2) Shane Giese: All Angels
both of

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