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Nice people are blessed people,
Nice people are blessed people,ever friendly, always smiling,forgive easily, hold no grudges and keep no malice. Send thisto a nice person.I just did.

Smile in pleasure & in pain,
Smile in pleasure & in pain, Smile when trouble pours like a rain, Smile when some1 hurts u, Smile bcoz some1 still wants 2 c u SMILING !!

Those 'midnight teas',Those 'bday bumps'.
Those 'midnight teas',Those 'bday bumps'... 'Old torn jeans', Those 'late night walks', 'long chats'... 'pinches & slaps'.. 'crushes on pals' & tat fight 4em', 'frying nuts'..making rowses bunking classes,calculating attendance percentage, copying tests and ass.:) gettin kicked out of class.. 'struggle 4marks', 'writin on desks', 'fight wit teachers', 'tears 4love', those B-grade movies... Jst evritin... "Tatz college life" v cal it "HEAVEN"

Smile a while,
Smile a while,
& when U smile,
smile another smile
& soon there will b miles
& miles of smile
bcoz you smiled .
i wish your day is full of SMILE

I can buy gifts but not LOVE,
I can buy gifts but not LOVE, i cn pretend 2Smile, but not 2b HAPPY. I cn lie 2others, but nt 2u. I do have many brothers... but none as SWEET as you.

Life should be like this
Watching on Monday,friendship on Tuesday,Love on Wednesday,Wedding on thursday,fighting on friday, Divorse on Saturday, Rest on Sunday, Next on Monday

let me draw ur face!
let me draw ur face!
Dont move!
Nearly finished,
ok Done!
Wanna look
(..)hi main marjava, Kitney
soney ho tusy!

true bravery is 2 arriv
true bravery is 2 arrive home.....fully drunk......a late night out.....&& mom waiting with a jhadu and u ask:"hey mom,abhi tak safai kar rahi ho"

positive thinking is a bit
positive thinking is a bit like this: a little bird in the sky u look up it shits in ur eyes, u dont mind u, dont cry, u just thank god that, cows dont fly!

Meaning of WIFE & HUSBAND.
Meaning of WIFE & HUSBAND..
Keep.....................IN TOUCH
Keep.....................IN TOUCH WID ME.....OTHERWISE............................1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 ALL..........UR TEETH WILL B BROKEN!!!

10 advantages of not having a
10 advantages of not having a "LOVER".. time.
2.can sleep well.
3.Don't hav 2 bother abt missed calls..
4.Don't hav to worry abt how u look..
5.Can eat in any restaurant..
6.No boring sms in the middle of night..
7.Can talk with all gals..
8.U won't hear "aaw.. U r dull today"..
9.Can go anywhere with any one..
10.Don't hav 2 listen same old crap jokes..
BONUS:- U will live a long be aware of LOVER
system of love jan-ROSE
system of love jan-ROSE,Feb-PROPOSE,Mar-GIFT,Apri-LIFT,May-CHATING,June-DATING,July-Miss U,Aug-MEET U,Sep-ANGER,Oct-DANGER,Nov-LEFT,Dec-NEXT.......By shehran ayub

love in pakistan
romance in afganistan
marrige in rajsthan
no more children in hindustan...................

2day is a mobile day so plz open ur mobile cover & remove battery & dip in soap water apply candhana & kumkum 2 sim card & say "govinda govinda" U.SRIKANTH

Dear january,how r febuary and march. April is not bad.Tell may,june and july dat august,september and octorber got accident in november.Urs december.Belloroba

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