New Friendship SmS Messages

CLassic words of frndshp
B wat u R n say wat u feel,
cuz those who mind dnt matter,
n those who matter dnt mind....

Wats d true meanin of frndshp?
wher ther r no compromise in tellin secrets,
n der is no secret for which u need compromise...

2 golden phrases os frndship:->
" NVR belive d doubtd one" n
"NVR doubt d belivd one"
that retains frndshp for a longr tym..

wat is frndshp? u fight abt d
smallest things in lyf wen u r
2gethr n miss those very smallest things
wen u r torn apart by tym....

My soul REACTED,
My heart ACCEPTED,
thousands wer REJECTED,
but u wer selected to b my
cho........chweet frnd.....

My Frndshp is Lyk a Drug, 1ce u take it u cant avoid it,
wen u dnt get it u r sick,
n wen u loose it u r destryd,
So beware of me n b my frnd 4evr...

Wen Things go bad n
ur strnth is not more enough 2 carry on,
Dnt giv up cuz,
wher ur strngth ends,
my worth of being ur frnd begins...

Lips Dnt join Wen we say LOVE,
That is a sign of distance,
But wen we say FRNDSHP lips join,
Tha is a sign of TOGETHRNESS...

Ice is Cream, Love is Dream..
But Friendship is Evergreen..
Dont make frnds b4 Understandin..
Dont break Frndship Aftr Misundrstndin...

a Match stick Glows 4 few swcs.
a candle glows 4 few hours.,
a Sun glows 4 a day.,
but our relation will glow 4vevr,.
whthr v'll b ther or not....
Silent and Listen are two words made of same Alphabets,but there is another speciality.....
i can Listen to you, when u r
Silent.....that is friendship....:)

wat is lyf? wat u make it to be..
wat is hapiness? wat ur heart sees..
wat is love? precious if true...
wat is frndshp? nothing without u.. sachme..murtuza

Best frnds r lyk a pair of scissors,
joint togthr, often go in opp dirctions,
But they giv punishment to those who
come between them.......murtuza

Try 2 read this slowly:->
U r queue tea, loaf lee,
grey ate, horn nest, at track thief,
cheer fool, soup ear be, & u r my
most press yes frnd!!!!!!murtuza

Gate of memories wil nvr close,
How much v miss our frnds,
no one knws,
Tym in days wil pass lyk years,
v'll remember d memories in silent tears...murtuza

FriendShip si the RainBow between two hearts, sharing 7 feelings
Love + Sad + Happy + Truth + Faith + Secret + Helping = FriendShip Suren

Wat u see as truth that u see as lies remember that true friendship never dies although we may change and drift apart, I'll always value u deep within my heart.

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