Lovely SmS Messages

even since you left every thing is going wrong plz come back soon i am waiting for ever and ever feroz

if i died or travelled far id write your name on every star, so that everyone could look up and see that you mean the world to me.Dannie1221

We never understand the importance of our hearts until they aren't broken then we weep and cruel the one we once adored, we promise ourselves we will never love again but love is why we live and love is why we die.. Love is the blood of a rose. and we all must bleed. BILLO

Loving u cud take my life,
but when i look at ur face,
i know ur worth that sacrifice Sibo

I m feeling so happy, do u know why? cuz i m so lucky, do u know how? cuz God loves me.Do u know how? cuz he gave me a gift. Do u know what? its YOU my love.thenzo

I blame nature for being born at this era of pollution,strange diseases,unemployment,crime name them.But the joy of finding u in this era has made it the best 4 me.otis

The     ,-#    -.-    #-.
Heart # "#" #
of "#. . #"
a Friend "#"
knows No BoundarieS,
No LimitS,
just endless Love and Care!
"Have a Great Day..." tc

i sent my cares 2 the wind.
& asked 2 the wind..
2 pass them 2 u..
when u fell the wind blowing against ur face..thats me saying LOVE U..mehnazvenjhar

a rupee is easy to earn..
but a smile is hard to find..
rupees loses its value..
smile increase its worth..
i lost a rupee wen i sms u..
but who cares:i won ur smile..mehnazvenjhar

One Who drinks have alkohal heart
One who smokes have cloudy heart
But dont eat sugar because you already my SWEET HEART Mudassar Nawaz

I- I
T- trust
A- and
L- love
Y- You Betas

Care is one of the sweetest form of luv so when some1 say they care it means they will keep U in thier hearts until its very last beat. Betas

ul always be mine 4 nw and 4eva ul always be mine 4 u r my treasure ul always be mine plz tell me its tru plz b mine 4eva il always love you Caj2006

From my heart to my fingers to your eyes and your mind.
Simple words from a friend is what you may find.
A good night wish, sweet dreams, from me to you.
This you should know, my wish is true.
If you look closer you'll see that I care.
I send you this message because I can't be there.Diddle64

Last nyt
i caught sum starz
i decided 2 giv dem
2 my friendz
2 let dem know
how especial dey r
2 me..
dis 1st 4 u.

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