New Lovely SmS Messages

4ever & ever i`l be by ur side, & if u r afraid of the world i`l help u to hide,bcuz.....1 thousand deaths i rather die....than ever see u hurt or cry...huma

If I hav a Heart Attack, then
that's all bcuz of u, cuz,
u r in my heart with anothor heart
that is ur heart,
which is striking my heart and say,
I LOVE U! (That's Seceret) Misaal

Meaning of rose colours...
Red 4 Love..
Yellow 4 Special Friend..
White 4 Peace..
Black 4 Hate & Darkness..
Pink 4 Likeness..
So Plz Choose One Roz Colour 4 Me!!!Sunny Ig..

When i was walking alone, i wish that i can reach the end of the road.......But when u walked with me i wish the road never ends.Aslesha

These R Few Words Which Cum In My MIND,As I Think Of U!!! :-)precious Soul

U may be out of my sight, but not out of my heart, U may be out of my reach but not out of my mind. I may mean nothing to u but u will always be special to me!! Mukhoji

LOVE is Special
LOVE is Sweet
LOVE is what makes
Life complete
LOVE is giving
LOVE is Kind
LOVE is Joy
& Peace of Mind
Love is Laughter
Seldom Tears
Sharing Caring
Through the Year
LOVE is more than words Express
But mostly

If somw one ask me what is mean by love, I would sit next 2 u, pull
u close 2 me, put my armsaround u and say proudly this s t. ziyan g
I u drop me i ll break
i u hold me i ll shake
if u need me i ll hurry
If you dont call me i ll worry
i u hert me i ll cry
If u leave me i ll die

my day start with ur name and my day stop with ur name
i cant hold my self just thinking about u that how much i love you, if you wanna know about this.just search my self in ur heart Saran khan ryk

If every one forgets u,iam with u, if every 1 lets u down iam with u, if every 1 betrays u iam still with u, But if every 1 likes u sorry iam with them......Subha

Apples are sweet
Kisses are better
If u love me
Sent me a letter tom

When Nights are long & Friends are few, I sit by my Window & think of u. a silent whisper a silent tear. with all my Heart i wish you were here adil(not doing love)mehboob

not everything dat counts is counted and not evrything dat counted count.i didn't count how many times i thought of u, but what counts is dat i did.
i love u.MB Ncamile

you are the parts of being mine and i hope i alwys be a parts of you to bring to youre life a plenty of happiness naah

When situation gets u down, remember there's someone in Heaven who loves u and watches over u and there's someone on Earth who cares. I do. LUV U Sadia

Everyone wants 2 be the sun dat lights up your life. But I'd rather be ur moon, so I can shine on u during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around. Sadia

Sherlock Holmes was an idiot and Robert Watt was a fool. One was a detective, the other invented radar. But neither of them ever found you. I'm a genius!!! :-)Sadia

Nice people r like wind, u nvr know vot dey hv in deir heart but u can alwayz feel deir persence. dont luk here n dere 2find dem, luk in the mirror... Mukhoji

Somone asked me for how long i will like u.....i remained silent b'coz i didnt know-which one is longer,"always"or"forever". Mukhoji

one day a lucky star drop on earth.he ask me what u need?a smart,lovely,good,sexy girl or a million dollar.i replaid him i need a million dollar.bcoz i have u....RAJON

Hi here\'s a cup of coffee just for you.I have added
1 huge hug
2 big kisses
3 servings of love
Hope that stirs your heart today Lynne

if my life were to be a book then u would be one of its most beautiful chapter and if i ever got a chance to read it i would like to start from the day when we first met.Raj

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