~Current (happy) things~

Stacking bracelets 

A lovely package from Ella Pretty. It smells amazing! Thank you!

My rainbow colored necklaces hanging in my closet. My most recent additons front and center, begging to be played with.

A cute top from one of my favorite boutiques.

Hold the phone - a leopard print maxi? I've never even worn a maxi dress, let alone a printed version. I'm coming out of my shell =) Picture it with beaded sandals. Now I just need to have it hemmed a bit.

A find at JCPenny, MNG by Mango. Very speedy-esque.

Just some things that are making me giddy with glee. Summer is fastly approaching, and at this time last year I was just getting ready to graduate from college. I keep thinking about how much things have changed. For some reason, I can't completely process it all. Even my style is evolving. I used to be fearful of color, maxi ANYTHING on my short stature, and I'm just now trying out the stackable bracelets that I see on so many girls around California.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Thank you so much for reading.
♥ Noelle

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