Summer Grace

I needed a light fragrance for Summer and the boyfriend was sweet enough to get this for me:

It's a limited edition fragrance by Philosophy, sold only during Summer. Here is how it's described on Sephora:
"Inspired by the sunny, carefree spirit of summer, Philosophy's Summer Grace spray fragrance refreshes the spirit and opens the heart. Like a bottle of sunshine, this warm and bright floral fragrance was created to make a woman feel the lighthearted happiness and ease of summer."

Notes: "Blooming flowers, sun ripened fruits."

I will say that overall, I'm a big Philosophy fan. I love their message as a brand. I've tried other fragrances such as Falling in Love and Unconditional Love, both of which I really liked.

My only gripe is that the scent fades rather quickly, so you have to keep applying or at least you might be tempted to. I try to avoid that temptation, as I think people often make this mistake and over-apply. Just because you can't smell it on yourself, doesn't mean others can't ;)

This scent is perfect for Summer. It's floral, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. It settles very nicely on my skin. I actually prefer the way it develops on me over time than at first spray. It's a happy scent, and instantly puts me in a better mood.

What's your Summer fragrance?

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