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On Friday, I had the pleasure of going to Los Angeles with my fashion class. The garment district is the largest in the USA, with blocks and blocks of fabric stores and vendors selling clothing and accessories for ridiculously low prices. I had never been, and I was extremely excited to tour the California Market Center. This is where designer showrooms sell their merchandise to buyers. Every last Friday of each month, these showrooms are open to the public. The sales are amazing! I saw so many women hauling off loot and stashing it in rolling suitcases. It was a bit crazy!

The California Market Center, Downtown L.A.

Santee Alley, blocks and blocks of...stuff! Can you see the MAC cosmetics sign? You have to beware of fake knockoffs here.

After walking around Santee Alley and The San Pedro Mart, my friends and I went back to the CMC. I DIED in one particular showroom. The jewelry displayed in the window shimmered and shined, and I had to get a couple pieces.

I have never heard of the designers before, and I think they are only available to store buyers, as well as to the public in certain high-end stores.
In looking at their website, I see that they are quite popular amongst celebs.

This necklace is gorgeous! I love the pretty rust color against the soft rose gold. The stones sparkle like mad

I also got another similar necklace in a rich, deep navy. This one is quite a bit longer than the other necklace. It will look great with just about everything, especially long tees and blazers.

Lastly, I got this beautiful druzy stone ring, and it looks perfect with the shorter rust colored necklace. This screams Fall to me.
I am enamored with this line! I'll have to go back next month and grab some more. This jewelry would make a great gift.

I was so impressed with my trip! Equally impressed with these pieces that I will undoubtedly wear to death.

Thank you to my teacher for the trip!
In November, we are heading to South Coast Plaza in the O.C., where she worked for years at Saks as a personal stylist. I go to SCP fairly often, but it will be so nice to see it in a different light.

♥ Noelle

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