Brock Cunico: Routine For A Ripped Upper Body

The blond bodybuilder is euphoric when flexing, and proudly smiles when looking at his pumped muscles. Brock Cunico's massive, well-defined upper body is the result of an intense and comprehensive routine which he demonstrates in these seven videos.

Video 1: Brock does a dropset of dumbbell curls first with 70 lb dumbbells, then 50 lb and finally 25 lb

Video 2: Brock works his biceps and forearms with heavy hammer curls

Video 3: Brock uses buddy curls to really grow his biceps

Video 4: Brock trains triceps with some heavy triceps extensions

Video 5: Brock trains his traps and shoulders with upright rows

Video 6: Brock rips up his shoulders with lateral raises

Video 7: Brock trains his shoulders with heavy dumbbell shoulder presses

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