Google Plus vs Facebook (Just for Laugh)

Google Plus is here just since last few days and it is already being considered as the Facebook Killer. Facebook was also down recently for awhile which also started the rumor of the end of the Facebook.

Since lots of people are on Google Plus and many are still trying hard to get the Google Plus invitation to join it, few funny images by the Google Plus fans are already out showing the Google Plus making fun of the Facebook. Below I am sharing few of those funny Google Plus v/s Facebook images and GIFs. And if you got few more then feel free to share them here and I will include it in the post.

Loser's Circle: 1. Facebook
google plus vs facebook

Facebook's death.
google plus vs facebook

Google plus' versus facebook's traffic
google plus vs facebook

Evolution of social networking. Modern.
google plus vs facebook

Angry GooglePlus targetting facebook, yahoo, internet explorer and apple.
google plus vs facebook

Google rules!!!

Is it???

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