The great cape

Jolt convertable cape - Nordstrom, Skinny "jeggings" - Banana Republic, Leopard flats - Steve Madden, Watch - Michael Kors, Nails - Essie Chinchilly

I love the cape trend happening in fashion right now. I think they are chic, as well as practical. However, they are usually pretty spendy and I didn't want to drop a lot of cash on one. This one from Nordstrom was reasonably priced, and the quality is amazing. It's perfect for cold nights. Another great thing about this one in particular is that it is convertable. I technically am wearing it as a coat here. If you unbutton the panels inside the arms, it transforms into the actual cape. Love! Two in one! The cinching at the waist prevents it from looking too oversized, although the silouette is still something I'm getting used to. Either way, the thick cozy fabric and large buttons were adorable enough for me to take the plunge on a cape. Next time, I'll wear it with heels. And when it finally gets cold here, I'll wear it with boots :)

♥ Noelle

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