Another Neutral Palette

I just don't know what it is with me and "Naked" palettes. I know the Too Faced version has been around just as long as Urban Decay's, but it wasn't until I went into Sephora last week that I finally took notice.

It comes with nine shadows, a little brush, and how-to cards that instruct you on different looks to try.

Without flash


Now let's compare...


Did I really need this? No, of course not. But it came home with me anyway and my 20% off VIB coupon is to blame. I must say though, the shadows are gorgeous. I love that the Too Faced Naked Eye palette is much more cooler in tone then that of the Urban Decay. The quality is definitely comparable though. Both palettes contain smooth, pigmented, and easy to work with shadows that can be layered, mixed, and worn in a variety of ways. I've worn the top row of the Too Faced palette for three days straight and I love the look. Very easy to wear during the week.

Do you girls own the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette?

♥ Noelle

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