Recent Acquisitions

Nordstrom brand houndstooth scarf
 screams Winter and I've always wanted a scarf in a houndstooth print

Hue leggings from Nordstrom
Super thick, comfy, and warm. They are quite long on me, but if they are folded under, scrunched, or covered by boots, they work just fine.

The site is down so I apologize that I can't link this pretty sweater scattered with sequins. I got it in the petite sizing, 50% off

Again, no link but I tried it on in-store and this leopard print is really pretty and more sophisticated than some I've seen. I will most likely wear it to a Christmas party my fiance's work is hosting next weekend.

Now for the sad face: I ordered this pretty clutch from Lodis last week, in the burgundy color. Well I got a call today informing me that the burgundy is sold out and discontinued. I will be refunded, but am still bummed. The color would have been perfect for the season! I am still tempted by the black, but am on the fence. 

I was actually surprised at how uninspired I was this past Black Friday/Cyber Monday to shop. I did hit the mall once, but everything was picked over by the time I got there.

Did you girls brave the sales? What did you get?

♥ Noelle

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