CzechYoungMuscle: 2 DVDs For The Price Of 1

The most ripped Santa Clause ever with a surprise: This time Ales Zelinka does not only show off his imposing muscles, the competitive bodybuilder presents a special Christmas offer from CzechYoungMuscle: Get two DVDs for the price of one. You can choose any DVDs, and you can combine any titles, even if they contain two discs. This means: If you take two titles - each of them with two discs -, you get four discs for the price of one DVD (39.90 USD). You find this special offer here on CzechYoungMuscle.

And even more of Ales Zelinka: New high quality galleries and videos of the successful competitor have been published. You find all of them here on CzechYoungMuscle.

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