Let me preface this by saying that this is my new favorite outfit in my closet. And I don't mean in any way to sound like my head is up in the clouds or I'm tooting my own horn. But there has to be just one outfit in every girl's wardrobe that makes her feel instantly pretty and confident, that special outfit that epitomizes her personal style. This is that outfit for me.

Dress - H&M, Tights - Express, Pumps - Nine West, Clutch - ASOS, Bracelet - TJMaxx, Earrings - F21

This evening, the fiance and I did some very last minute Christmas shopping and treated ourselves to dinner before making our way through the chaos of harried shoppers. We never go out on a weeknight, and it was fun to break up the monotony of the work week. Equally fun was my snake print dress, paired with my suede ASOS clutch and a rose gold/marcasite bracelet from TJ-Maxx.

♥ Noelle

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