Jessie Godderz: Record Workout DVD Sales

When Jessie Godderz reveals how he works his 20 inches guns and builds his heavily muscled physique, his fans are enthusiastic. According to sources at If The World Spins Productions, The Mr. PEC-Tacular Arm & Chest Workout DVD has become such a success that it’s almost reached a major milestone. Over 50,000 copies of the DVD have been sold since its initial launch a few months back. That is nearly unprecedented for Workout/Fitness DVDs in that short of a time period. As a result of the DVD’s unexpected success, it was just re-released and the company has now teamed up with DVD industry leader to make it available to an even wider international audience (Source:

For the DVD Big Brother star and Spike TV pro wrestler Jessie Godderz (moniker Mr. Pec-Tacular) teams up with actor Austin Peck (star of the television shows One Life to Live, As the World Turns and Days of Our Lives). Together they lead viewers through a complete core training workout designed to help individuals learn how to get stronger, lose weight, improve energy, and simply live a healthier lifestyle. The promo video:

More details on the DVD which costs $9.99: and

With DVD sales so strong, the company expects to launch a new Mr. PEC-Tacular Workout DVD this summer right before the next CBS Big Brother season debuts. Godderz is expected to debut on IMPACT Wrestling this spring/summer.

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