Loving: New Year's Eve

I'm not sure anyone loves New Years Eve as much as I do. For me, it's a day of quiet introspection. I ask myself questions such as What did I accomplish this year? Did I do the best I could? What do I need to change? I remember the fond memories, and say a silent prayer that the new year brings health and happiness to all those I love. Then the day turns into night and I let it all go, ready for a fun time ahead! 

I like the clean slate feeling that the new year brings. Maybe I have been slacking in certain areas, and I became too lazy or too complacent to change them. The start of a new year reminds me that I can get back on track, that I can start again. If I want to, I can change.

And let's face it: New Years Eve is that perfect night to put on some glitz and wear a pretty party dress. No questions asked, cuz everyone else is covered in sequins and glitter too.

I always plan my outfit weeks in advance, although I don't always stick to the plan. Here's what I am (probably) going to wear Saturday night:

Black strapless lace dress from Express (last seen way back HERE)

Topped off with a black blazer


These shoes


This clutch


This makeup

And these nails

Jewelry is still undecided, but that's always the fun part for me. The not so fun part of my NYE story -  I'm battling a horrendous cold and I hope it goes away quickly!
 OOTD to come :)

Before I go, I want to wish my fiance a *Happy 30th Birthday*
I love you babe, you have always been the brightest part of my life! I can't wait to marry you!

See you next year everyone!
♥ Noelle

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