Meeting Sonia Castaneda From YouTube!

Sonia is to blame for my YouTube obsession. Well, actually my best friend Katie is. She introduced me to Sonia's videos about three years ago, and she has been our favorite beauty "guru" on YouTube ever since.

Imagine my excitement when she hosted a meet and greet on Sunday at Ulta. My friend Kelleigh and I went together because I was too nervous to go by myself. I wish Katie could have come with us, because she loves Sonia just as much as I do. She was there in spirit. We stood in line for what seemed like forever, and finally I got the chance to give Sonia a hug and say hello. I felt so awkward and shy, and didn't know what else to say!

Ok, so she's seriously stunning. Stunning in person! She was wearing a beautiful necklace by another guru I love, Alex from HRH Collection. I think I need this necklace now.

Kelleigh and I stood on the side, where Sonia's friends and family were. I'm surprised they didn't ask us to move! She did a Q & A session, where I couldn't stop staring at her killer booties from F21.

The best part is when I won an ULTA gift bag filled with goodies like lotion, eyelashes, and perfume. The winners took a photo at the end of the meet and greet.

I was happy to know that she is extremely sweet and humble in person, just as she is in her videos. I think sometimes when you meet someone you admire, there is always that risk that you'll be disappointed. This definitely was not the case, and I will continue to watch and support her videos even more now. She is a total sweetheart.

♥ Noelle

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