Oh, Pretty Things...

An obligatory shopping post. It doesn't get much deeper than that! I placed an order on ASOS a couple of weeks back, went to H&M over the weekend, and used an old (I mean years old) gift card at TJ-Maxx. How I managed to save it for as long as I did, I have no idea. Luckily, everything in this post is under $60 dollars.

From ASOS:
My first time ordering, and I am super impressed!

Gorgeous natural suede envelope clutch in a cranberry maroon color. Since Lodis let me down, this was a perfect alternative. The brand is Pieces.

A shimmery pale gold dolman top. I love metallics for Winter.

The brand?

The great thing about ASOS is that they constantly update you about your package, so you're not left wondering where in the heck your order is. I will definitely order from the site again in the future.

I saw this dress on Chloe Here, and have been looking for it ever since. Well, I finally found one! {Cue angels singing}

I've never been much of a snake print girl, you know I go more for the leopard. But the way this dress is cut? Great on petites! I just find it very flattering and bold.

TJ Maxx:
This is what happens during a work break.

Pretty Chanel inspired flats at a wonderful non-Chanel price (they were 24 dollars!)
The cap toe is like a patent leather, the cream part is suede. Love at first sight. They are also supremely comfortable.
The sparkly beaded bracelet was also super affordable, and I have been wanting one like it to wear out at night.

Will you be seeing all of these pretty things in outfits of the day? Oh yes you will ;)

Happy shopping,
♥ Noelle

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