The Fabulous Harrison Twins

All Photos: Facebook Harrison Twins, Justin Tayler Photography

Double-ripped, double-handsome: Owen and Lewis Harrison are twin brothers from the United Kingdom, 21 years old, and stunning newcomers in the world of fitness modeling. Their first professional shoot is a new masterpiece of photographer Justin Tayler. On the Harrison twins tell: "We have been working out for more than six years now. As twins we do nearly everything together and are training partners. We try to keep our physiques in similar proportions to each other though we do have our differences." Regarding their muscle training objectives they are dedicated to pushing themselves as far as they can, and dream of being the first joint winners of a bodybuilding contest. In this video the Harrison Twins are on the set of their first professional shoot with London photographer Justin Tayler, demonstrate their workout, and talk about fitness, their physiques and their relationship.

The Harrison Twins photographed by Justin Tayler:

The Harrison Twins' Stats:
Height: 178cm - 5'10", Weight: 83kg - 182lbs, Arms: 40.5cm - 16", Forarms: 30.5cm - 12", Chest: 106.5cm - 42", Waist: 81.5cm - 32", Thighs: 56cm - 22", Calves: 38cm - 15"

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