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Delicious protein shakes, exceptional exercises, astounding answers to extraordinary fitness questions: There is much activity on Tyler Sarry's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/​tylersarryfitness where the Canadian fitness model, actor and competitor trainer posts everything which helps his visitors to get in shape: workout videos, meals and recipes, consultation via messages, and photos of himself which show how ripped you can get, if you follow his advice. Tyler: "I believe the best way to promote fitness as a lifestyle is to exemplify it yourself with hard work and dedication that shows. You can have the 'Knowledge' but if your an out of shape, poorly groomed and unmotivated trainer I don't see how that would get any client pumped and motivated to reach their goals. I believe possessing the knowledge as well as looking the role is much more appealing and admirable, which in return shows my clients they can reach their own peak potential, and surpass it with my help."

Photos (c) Jamie Watling Photography

Now Tyler aims at getting 1,000 fans and more on his Facebook page. If he reaches this goal before the new year, he promises "to post my Ultimate Core - 50 advanced exercises - video for you all for free." To show how comprehensive his page is, here is a sample video of Tyler's imposing variety of workout exercises. If you watch these 15 minutes, you already feel fitter. And if you follow these exercises, you are well on the way to actually being fit and ripped.

Probably the woman in the background says to her boyfriend/husband: "You could have guns like his, if you only visited his Facebook page."

Tyler Sarry's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/​tylersarryfitness

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