Birds of a Feather

Blouse - Target, Cami - F21, Jeans - BR, Pumps - Anne Michelle, Bracelet - TJ Maxx, Belt - H&M, Lips - See Sheer by MAC

My best friend and I have a thing for birds. She calls people she loves "goose" and I quickly caught on and followed suit. I don't know, there's just something about that word we enjoy saying. Goose. Goooose.
I found this casual top on a Target trip where I was returning a concealer. Good sense told me to just return the item and dart on outta there, but I couldn't help it and I looked through the clothes section. I like this flowy tunic top I found. It has character, what with the birdies and all. The color is also a pretty teal/green and it makes for a nice combo with jeans. Shades of green and blue are huge for Spring.

P.S.     After almost six years of dating, I  finally moved in with my fiance on Sunday! So if the background looks a bit different, that's the reason why (although the rooms are painted the same color as they were in my old house). We are in the process of buying our own condo or small home, so until then, this is where I'll be. Yup! Just me, my fiance, and three roommates. Oh, and two dogs :) It's a full house. I close the door to my little room that serves as my big closet. It's a room that's adjacent to the one I share with my fiance. His room doesn't have enough space for my stuff, so the room next to it serves as my powder room. It has my vanity where I do my makeup and hair, and a walk-in closet.
I keep the door closed while I'm getting ready and blogging. I think the roommates would judge me if they really knew what I do: behavioral specialist by trade (I guess?) but beauty and fashion blogger by heart. I may not do this for a living, but I love it a lot more then I ever dreamed I would.

♥ Noelle

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