Man's biggest best friend

Below are photos of the world's biggest, tallest, coolest and cutest man's best pet and friend...
You will be amazed of the dogs' rare friendly and charming characteristics.

YOu see? The dog itself is chubbier than its master.

Friends spending time together in a quiet place

Twins? (I think so....) ..posing and looking at the camera

The dog --doing its hard to break habit ;)

Who doesn't know this very known canine?
This is Gibson...
This dog was named "The World's Tallest Dog" by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004.

Cuddling, teasing, dancing or practicing to walk?
So cool...Just like a father teaching his young son...

No challenge! So easy --easy to reach!

Huggable like a stuffed toy. . . 

Is that how good a dog is in facial expressions?
If dogs could talk, I wonder what this dog wanted to say.
I think  it wanted to tell  its master that it liked to go out because it's too heavy and big for the car.  :)

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