orange cardi

Cardigan & Blouse - Halogen via Nordstrom, Bracelet - J. Crew, Ring - YSL

This feels very Fall to me, and the more I think about it, slightly Spring too? I have never been a fan of the color orange on myself, but something about this cardigan made me grab it off the rack at Nordstrom. I also love the polka dot blouse, complete with a floppy little bow.

Oh, and funny story about both of my YSL rings (I'm wearing the turquoise). They are both size 5, and unfortunately, I wish I had purchased one of them in a 6 because I can only wear them on my middle finger. And, because I'm a freak of nature, they only fit on my left hand! I can't wear my engagement ring when I wear my artys as they knock into the delicate little thing and I'm scared they will cause it some damage. *Sigh* I know, it's a rough life right? :)

♥ Noelle

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