zak krevitt

Photographer: Zak Krevitt 
Stylist: Adrian Manuel
Art Direction: Olivia Locher
Hair & MakeUp: Lizzie Arneson
Lighting Technician: Biel Parklee
Model: Benoni Loos & Wes Phillips, Frederik TΓΆlke, Russell Giardina, Conrad Leadley & Dillon Rosel

Title: Up Against Us

Zak Krevitt is a 20 year old photographer, originally from Los Angeles, now working in New York City. Born in 1991, Zak has been working at his craft since he was 15, taking pictures of friends at local events and posting them online. Through this he developed a love for the photographic image and began staging elabortae photo shoots with his friends from school. These early shoots piqued the interest of designers such as Brian Lichtenberg and David Alexander who introduced Zak to agency models and commissioned a series of images for their clothing lines. Since then, Zak has been working steadily in the Fashion Industry and has gone on to work with top modeling agencies and publications. Zak's fine art photography has been exhibited in the Los Angeles Museum for Digital art, and has been purchased by collectors internationally. 

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