20 tech one-liners for your Valentine

Technology is bringing us closer, so we thought of a score of sweet and short love messages with a tech flavour to impress your love this Valentine's Day. Take your pick.

1. Will you be my tweet heart?
2. I am more addicted to you than Facebook.
3. The love for you in my heart is far more than the data on my hard disk.
4. I promise that I'll never become a Wi-Fi hotspot.
5. You are the only app I need.
6. I will never tweet you. 140 is way too short to express my feelings.
7. Even the 36 megapixel Nikon D800 cannot capture your true beauty.
8. Wish my gadgets were like you, they will never ever need an upgrade.
9. Can I be your anti-virus?
10. Do you know that NFC will work best between us?
11. I want to Google your world. May I?
12. What is the password to your heart?
13. I am your Fanboy.
14. You extend my battery life.
15. I will never let you crash.
16. Our relationship will have 100 per cent uptime.
17. Even the Anonymous hackers cannot break into our bond of love.
18. No processor can be as powerful as my love for you.
19. You are sweeter than the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
20. I can afford to lose my data, but not you.

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