a gift, to be loved by you



I should have guessed, when I first laid eyes on you that I was in trouble. I was the one you chose, out of all the doe eyed, helpless girls you chose me, and I was lost. I can't remember when I lost control of it, when I fell, but I do remember the way you looked at me, the way you touched me, like there was nobody else in the room, nobody but me.

You used to grab my hand, slip your fingers into mine, they were so much bigger, but they fit perfectly, and we were perfect. You would wrap yourself around me, you would engulf me, I always felt so safe in your arms, invincible. I could feel your love seeping into me, it smothered me and protected me from the world, because you were mine, and you were here.

And then you left.

You left, but your still here.

I miss your touch, your kiss, your smell, your everything. Sometimes late at night, I can feel you sleeping next to me, I can still feel your warmth and it's like you're home.

Sometimes we'll speak to each other in different languages. We used to sneak off together, we would plan it all out, we were invincible, we still are.

I remember this time, you had made me a fort downstairs, and we were sitting in it like children. It was in the beginning, and I just remember, I remember how badly I wanted to tell you that I loved you, but I was terrified, I still am. Later we would speak those words to each other in confidentiality, though it didn't last for long. You would always show me off, you wanted everyone to know I was yours, this girl, who loved you, I was the greatest thing in the world to you.

Months later, we still belong to each other. We've gown up, grown together, but we're still the same. I would still cross the sea to be with you, and you'd still fight off bears and lions to protect me. It is the greatest thing to have ever happened to me, it is such a gift, to be loved by you, to be yours.

And through thick and thin, I will always be here, right by your side, right where I belong, with you.


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