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Julie Kwon
ph: Julie Kwon

I love my boyfriend so much, we are so connected to each other, it's like magic. And I know he feels exactly the same way about me. He is my first real boyfriend and we went through a lot before we decided to start a serious relationship...

It happens that, before we became boyfriend and girlfriend, I did some things which I regret. He didn't gave me a lot of attention. Then there was a guy who became our friend, and he was really nice. He used to call me and we'd spend a lot of time chatting. So one day after my now boyfriend didn't want to go out with me, the friend called me and asked to come over my house. We ended up kissing and it was so confusing, because I was looking so much for attention.

I kept trying to move forward with my now boyfriend, but didn't make any progress and the friend was so obsessed with me. Then my boyfriend changed. After I tried to break up with him, he realized he cared much about me. I immediately ended everything with the other guy. It was then that he asked me to be his girlfriend, and we had the most amazing times, he is the best boyfriend ever. All my friends keep telling me that he's a complete different person and we are the cutest couple.

We don't have any issues, but he does not know about me and this other friend. Today this friend and I don't have anything, we barely speak and he already moved on. I don't know how to tell my boyfriend about what happened, I don't wanna lose him, but it is really hard to live hiding something from the person you love the most. And I really love him, trust me.

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