I smell like candy {but it's Prada}

I was running very low on my Viktor & Rolf perfume, so I kept sniffing around the counters at Nordstrom to see what my next scent would be. I had heard wonderful things about the new Prada perfume, so I decided to see, or smell rather, what all the fuss was about. I'm not usually one to go for a widely popular perfume. I think fragrance is very personal, as it smells differently on everyone according to body chemistry, hormones, etc. But Prada's Candy needed to be tried. And the bottom line is that it is love.

I must say that the cute box drew me in. There was a giant display at the Nordstrom I went to. Just boxes upon boxes with little pink bows everywhere.

It's very difficult for me to truly describe the way it smells, but I will say that it is a grown up, sweet scent. Here are the notes, as described by Prada:
 Top: regressive notes of joyful carefreeness, explosion of caramel.

                                 Mid: powdery notes of sophistication, cocktail of musks.

                                Base: vanilla notes of sensuality, benzoin overdose

It is warm, but not overly so. I could see myself enjoying this year round, and not just in the colder months. It just dries down so well on my skin! The initial spritz is gorgeous, but I love the way it fades even more. It's so soft. I think that's why I love it. It isn't sickly sweet. It's just a very feminine and pretty scent, if that makes sense. Beauty in a bottle!

What fragrance are you wearing lately?
♥ Noelle

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