Kendra Scott "Tela" Ring

Ever since purchasing the popular "Danielle" earrings last year in bright turquoise, I have been eyeing the "Tela" ring in green. I actually planned on ordering it for my birthday way back in September, but I was waiting for it to go on sale. Well, luckily it did! LINK!

I love stone jewelry because it's an effortless way to incorporate color into my look, particularly on days when I want to stick to neutrals. Emerald green is one of my favorite colors, and the Kendra Scott Tela ring is absolutely stunning in person. It's a large statement piece set against gold. For reference, I ordered a size 6 and it fits well on my middle and pointer fingers.

It's big, readers! Well at least on my small hands. I was at first taken aback by it's enormity, especially when my fiance laughed and replied, "Oh My God!" when he saw it. But I love it! The color is beautiful and it is well made. Hey, I wanted a statement ring and I got it.  I suspect you'll be seeing this a lot in the future :)

Happy Friday!
♥ Noelle

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