Lemon - Lime

Tank - Ellen Tracy via Marshalls, Blazer - Frenchi via Nordstrom, Jeggings - BR, Heels - Zara (old), Necklace - J.Crew, Rings - YSL and F21, Lipstick - Mac Dish it Up, Nails - Orly Fancy Fuschia

I'm fully embracing the neon trend, and by fully embracing it, I mean by way of this little lemon lime tank I got for $12 at Marshalls. See, I love trends just as much the next fashion-loving girl but I am also fully aware that my true aesthetic leans more classic. I will never make the mistake I used to when I foolishly bought super trendy items for a lot more money. A few short wears later  and I would be over something faster then you could say palazzo pants! Trapeze pants? Whatever. This bright tank fills my neon void. And once I tire of it (or we all tire of it), I won't feel so guilty when I put it into a donation pile. Paired carefully with other little pops of bright color, I think this is fun and fresh for Spring.

 ♥ Noelle

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