Little Treats

Butter London "Disco Biscuit" & O.P.I. "Pedal Faster Suzy"

Wearing O.P.I.

RichRocksNYC smoky pear earrings

 I love treating myself to little treasures when I need a good pick-me-up. As much as I love shopping for bigger items like clothes and handbags, there's nothing quite as sweet as small trinkets that will undoubtedy brighten my day. The nail polishes I just picked up are feminine and shimmery. I usually gravitate towards cream finishes, but lately I've been loving shimmer, glitter, and lots of shine. The earrings I ordered from RichRocksNYC are beautiful. I lost a somewhat similar pair in Vegas over my birthday, and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Although these aren't as inexpensive as those were (they were F21), these have that same light-catching appeal.

♥ Noelle

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