M.A.C. Attack

Every so often, I get a craving. A really good, strong one. I try to talk myself out of it, but the feeling overtakes me, and before I know it, I'm pulling up to the mall parking lot. Handbag over the shoulder, keys in hand, I head into Macy's and make a beeline for the M.A.C. counter. This recent trip consisted of eyeshadows and lip products, the best kind of makeup shopping in my opinion. At least the most enjoyable.

Innocence Beware and Dish it Up came out with the most recent collection. The first is a creamy pink/nude, the latter a gorgeous pinky plum. Innocence Beware has a creamsheen finish, while Dish it Up is a lustre. Both are opaque.

I was curious to try a plushglass that I kept hearing so much about.

Besides the cutesy name, Fashion Fanatic is a delicious shade of baby pink. It looks gorgeous layered on top of Innocence Beware, and that is the combination I have favored most lately. It feels minty, which I like. I've never been much of a lip plumping fan, as they sit uncomfortably on my lips. I become panicked seconds later, wondering why anyone would deliberately PAY to feel as if they've poured a bottle of hot sauce on their mouth.
No worries here. This one only tingles slightly.

I showed my new eyeshadows last week, but here they are with the rest of my palette. For reference -
 Top Row: Naked Lunch, Dazzlelight, Woodwinked, Soba, Sable
Middle Row: Twinks, Sketch, Copperplate, Jest, Grain
Bottom Row: Phloof

I still have four coveted slots left! What other shades must I get? Do share in the comments!

Obviously I'm a neutral girl. Just in case you had any doubts :)

♥ Noelle

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