Unbelievably Peculiar Hotels


What more can I say about these hotels?

(Everland, Paris)

This hotel travels and parks in unusual places with amazing views. It is cool and exciting.

(Sala Silvergruva, Sweden)

This is a very unique hotel inside a preserved silver mine. It's so challenging.

(Jumbo Hostel , Stockholm)

This is a wacky 25-room hotel in an abandoned jet. It is also considered the World's First Aircraft Inn.

(Das Park Hotel, Austria) 

This is the hotel with rooms made of giant concrete sewage pipes.

(Hotel Im Wasserturm , Germany) 

This is the luxurious water tower hotel in Germany.

(Waterworld Hotel, China)

It is a very unique and spectacular hotel set in water-filled quarry. Who would not be amazed with its stunning design?

(Capsule Hotel, Netherlands)

This is another kind of fantastic hotel made out of an escape pod.

(The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel , Netherlands)

This hotel is made from formerly wine-filled barrels. It sounds queer and it only makes the people wonder how it feels to rest in that kind of room that looks so small and has surely remains of wine scent.

(HΓ΄tel de Glace, Canada)

This hotel is made entirely of ice and snow that only opens during winter.
I can't imagine the level of coldness in this place.

(Giraffe Manor , Kenya)

It is an exclusive hotel surrounded by an indigenous forest where you can dine with an amiable giraffe.
It's amazing, isn't it?

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