Week in Pictures

I see this type of post on several of my favorite blogs, so I decided to try it for myself. I chronicled last week by taking one or two photos every day.


I wore a nude lace cardigan from F21, accompanied by a rose gold and marcasite bracelet from TJ-Maxx. I love the way the bracelet layered over the sleeve of my cardigan.


Winter mani - Essie's marshmellow with a glittery polish by Revlon called Stunning on one nail


While putting my makeup on for the day, I stopped and smiled at this picture frame that sits on my vanity. My best friend is getting married too, and I'm her maid of honor :)


I picked up three eyeshadows from M.A.C to put into my palette - Jest, Grain, and Phloof. Shimmery and eye brightening. Perfect anytime.


My fiance bought me this rolling clothes rack when I moved in. I've always wanted one. These are the outfits that are patiently waiting to be worn.


We went to Supercross in San Diego and the races were amazing! It was cold and rainy but my adrenaline kept my mind off it.


The Nixon watch I bought my fiance for his 30th birthday. He's never worn a watch before, but he loves this and it looks great on him!

Pretty exciting week, huh? ;)
♥ Noelle

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