Corail in Love

When I first spotted this ad in a magazine, I was intrigued. I've never tried a Lancome lipstick before, but the saturated color of Emma Watson's look had me curious. I'm always a sucker for lip products. Over the years, I've found that MAC and Revlon make the best, but that doesn't stop me from trying new (to me) brands.

I picked up "Corail in Love", a pinky coral. Alright girls - this color is amazing! That word gets tossed around loosely, but this is truly "my" coral. I've struggled with corals in the past. Most look way too orange, too pink, or just too dramatic on me. I fix this by applying a soft colored gloss to tone it down, but that can get tiring when I'm out and about. This is the first coral I've found that doesn't require anything!

I like to swipe some on, then lightly dab or press the color into my lips for a pretty effect, almost like a stain. It wears for a long time without any fading. The claim is 6 hours, but I don't know of any lip product that lasts that long on me. Talking, eating, drinking...they all get in the way. But, because this lipstick isn't super creamy, it lasts a good three to four hours on me. When I say it isn't creamy, I don't mean it's gritty though. It goes on smoothly, but then feels weightless on your lips, almost as if you weren't wearing anything. It's very strange, but I like that. No temptation to press my lips together since I can't feel a thing!

The color reminds me of crushed rose petals. Ultra feminine and supremely wearable for a coral.

No flash
See what I mean? It's definitely a coral, but it's so soft and natural. It just brightens my entire complexion, which by the way, is very pale these days.

With flash

The Rouge in Love line can be found at most Lancome counters now. They have a good range of colors, so go test one out.

♥ Noelle

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