if he only knew

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I've never kissed him. Ever. And that's the kind of punishment I deserve or being afraid. Oh if only knew how many times I've imagined that kiss.

We were so perfect together, I know. It's just the distance that separated us. The distance and us not being prepared for this. I've never wanted that kind of relationship..a long distance relationship. But we had it for a few months. Now... it's just pieces of our broken hearts and ashes. I'm doing my best to move on, but I don't know how to do this. How am I supposed to be strong and self-supportive, when I'm dying on the inside?

How am I supposed to get over it when I feel him dying on the inside every time I hear his voice on the phone?

And I tried.. I tried so damn hard not to answer his phone calls, not to pay that much attention to his text messages. Not to let this break-up tear me apart. But I can't.

If he only knew how much I want to kiss him.


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