Shaun Stafford: Amazing Transformation

Transformation photos:

"I didn't realize how big and fat I was until I saw the video", Shaun laughs and hardly believes his eyes how he looked five months earlier. Since then the fitness model has stunningly transformed and improved his physique: much leaner, more muscular, extremely proportioned. This is the inspiring story of Shaun Stafford, who lost 10 kilos (22 lbs) to win the FAME UK Fitness Model competition. The 27 year old personal trainer from London carried more of a rugby build at the start of 2011, but when he decided to enter the FAME Fitness Model category, he set himself the goal of becoming the leanest he's ever been by getting down to 6% body fat. The new look, combined with the blonde hair, confidence and conditioning that make him look like he'd been dipped in bronze, easily wowed the judges and the audience, and Shaun walked away with the Male Fitness Model title. In the video he discloses how he achieved that highly ripped and winning physique.

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