sonya renee

Nobody makes delicate, intricate jewelry like Sonya Renee. I discovered her on YouTube, and after my fiance purchased the "amazing studs" from Lorraine, I became hooked. The Current Custom only sells a tiny amount of Sonya Renee jewelry, so I highly recommend going to the actual site in order to really see just how many beautiful pieces they sell.

These gorgeous CZ studs are by far my most worn earrings.

Last week, I decided to finally place another order after holding off and stalking the site for months. In general, Sonya Renee pieces aren't expensive, so I'm not sure why I waited so long to get the items I had been wanting.

Again, I was throughly impressed with the quality and attention to detail.

 They come in other colors too!

The chain is 16" long, and the initial itself is really sweet and tiny. It would be great to layer, but I'll probably wear it mostly on its own. I love it. It can stand for my name, or for the boy since our names both start with "N".

I wasn't contacted by Sonya Renee's company, so please don't think that this post is in any way sponsored. I was just so excited when I received this package in the mail this evening, I had to share it with you. After a stressful day at work that was complete with a slight migraine, this definitely cheered me right up :)

♥ Noelle

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