What I've Been Reading: March

Hey everyone, happy Friday. It's time for the second edition of monthly must-reads (you can read the first installment here in case you missed it). And, it's time for this month's question, courtesy of Andi. The question is: "If you could have one celebrity's wardrobe, whose would it be and why?"

This took some thought, as a few different starlets came to mind. Rachel Bilson, Bethenny Frankel, Jennifer Aniston, the Kardashian sisters, and Kyle Richards all have a great sense of style that closely resembles my ideal. However, the one girl who always stands out, the one whose wardrobe I'd love to own is Lauren Conrad. No analyzing her claim to fame please! For the record, I liked Lauren on Laguna and The Hills. While some were quick to point out her somewhat lackluster personality, she just seemed real to me. Hell, if I had cameras following me around all the time, I'm sure my personality would come off as less then exciting. Aside from her spats with friends over jerk boyfriends, Lauren stayed above the fray.

Of course, the main reason I think we all watched The Hills was to see what she was wearing each week. She is the epitome of California cool. Mixing casual pieces with fun and feminine frocks, her style is accessable and easy to emmulate without looking like you're trying. She's chic and glam, and yet she strikes a delicate balance by staying true to her beach girl sensibility. If Olivia Palermo is New York's It girl, then Lauren Conrad is Los Angeles.

So, can you tell why I would LOVE to own her wardrobe? Designer handbags but a penchant for Chanel, skinny jeans, pumps, lace, girly skirts and dresses, sandals...a girl after my own heart!

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