Blazer - Frenchi, White dolman top - Express (old), Jeans - BR, Heels - Zara (no longer available online, but check stores), Turquoise necklace - H&M (old, but similar here), Ring - YSL arty, Lips - Lancome (seriously my favorite lip color ever), Nails - Chanel's May

What color is more feminine then pink? I'm a fan of three variations: a soft Victorian blush, an electric neon, and a hot fuchsia. Anything in between and I shy away. For years I steered clear of the girliest of colors altogether. I think my best friend and I boycotted it.  But looking back, I'm actually perplexed as to the real reason why. It lifts the face and brings out my dark features. It pairs well with neutrals, as well as other brights including turquoise and orange. It brings out the rose in my cheeks and lips, and brightens up my skin.
What can I say? Tastes change.
I'm a convert.
Just don't expect to see me in head to toe pink. Now that, I could never do!

♥ Noelle

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