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I know I've been very focused on fashion lately, but don't for a second think that the beauty addict in me has disappeared. It's alive and kicking! I've been interested in trying a lot of new products, so here is an overview of what I'm loving...and one product I don't recommend you waste your money on.

Real Techniques - Blush Brush
This line was created by a YouTube guru, and can be found at Ulta. What I love about it is the shape. Most brushes that are designed for applying blush are much flatter and much wider. This one is tapered and comes to a point. It's very precise when you want to apply blush just on the area you need, instead of all over the place. It's also great for contouring cheekbones, or applying a highlight to the tops of your cheeks. It's ultra soft, so I grab for it all the time!
I highly recommend
Oh, and did I mention it was only 9 dollars?

Salon Grafix Dry Shampoo
As much as I love having dark hair, it can be a disadvantage in the dry shampoo department. Who wants to walk around with a white powder in their hair? I was on a mission to finally find one that didn't create that unfortunate problem. I bought the SG dry shampoo at my CVS, and tried it out the next day. I wash my hair every other day, or sometimes every two days if I can get away with it. When I do, I reach for this. It doesn't leave any, I mean ANY, residue. I don't even need to rub this stuff in! The smell is faint, and it leaves my locks shiny, soft, amd most importantly, looking clean. Well, as clean as unwashed hair can look.
I definitely recommend

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray
After using up most of my MAC Fix+, I decided to try the Urban Decay version. Love this! I feel like Fix+ doesn't even compare. If you want your makeup to actually last, then try this! I have been using it to set my makeup every single day, and I've really noticed a difference in how long it wears and lasts. I think the MAC is good for a cooling, refreshing mist. I like to use that one at night before bed, or now that the weather is warming up, I'll use it when I want to cool down. But the UD is truly meant to keep you looking flawless without any effort.
Highly recommend

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in "Brightening"
After reading so many stellar reviews on blogs, including one from Veronika, I decided to try it out. It was a wise choice because I am in love with it! I still use regular concealer (Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Palette), but I make sure to pat some of this creamy pink brightener on top. I think this would certainly be comparable to the YSL Touche Eclat. However, this is a fraction of the cost and can be found at drugstores. My eyes have never looked more awake. I kind of have that Kim K. look going on underneath my eyes. I mean, I can only dream right?
Highly recommend

Now onto the product that I regret. In a word, this one sucks. Sorry, but it does.

Revlon Photoready Mascara
Oh, mascara. What a fickle cosmetic you are. You either love a particular mascara, or you hate it. It's hard to be inbetween. This one does nothing it promises to. It doesn't give my lashes very much volume, much less 3D (whatever the hell that means). It isn't buildable. One hour after application, and my lashes are limp and lifeless. You can't even tell I'm wearing mascara.

The wand is good, because I'm a huge fan of plastic brushes. But the top of the wand where you actually hold it is big and bulky.

The opening is really odd because it's so huge! It's too wide, therefore, I can't wipe off excess easily.

Bottomless pit.

The cap doesn't screw on tightly, which leads me to believe that the mascara will dry out quickly.

This is a loser in my opinion. That's what I get for buying something on impulse.
Do not recommend

Have you tried any of these products? If so, do you agree with my reviews?

♥ Noelle

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