The New AllAmericanGuys: Version 9

New look, new approach, new items - and many new amazing fitness models: This is version 9 of which has now been launched. The site proudly declares: "With the launch of version 9 we’re going to continue our tradition of bringing you the best fitness men on the planet, while trying out a new approach to our content delivery and providing you with more of what you want to see. We’ve taken into account many suggestions and feedback from our recent survey and we’re hoping you will enjoy the new version of AAG. We are going to focus on delivering more varied content and more frequent updates. One noticeable change you’ll see is the members’ section home page, where site updates will be delivered in a “blog format”, with more in-depth descriptions of updates, including photo features. In addition to the new look and feel, we’re also presenting a new approach to the delivery of our content. Our content is more organized, searchable and presented in a more vibrant way."

New AAG models: Jim Weir & Drake

There are many new items in version 9 of AllAmericanGuys: "First, we’re re-introducing the Photographer’s Showcase, a robust section which is going to allow many varied and talented artists to contribute content exclusively for AAG members. Second, a new section called Next AAG Star is being introduced that will allow you, the members, exclusive access to rate and decide who should appear next on All American Guys. Additionally, American Muscle is a section devoted to the followers of the bigger muscle guys of AAG. Heatseekers is getting it’s very own button, which means there will be more attention paid to this very popular showcase. All American Guys is now releasing all of it’s newer videos in three formats. We’ll continue to output HD and standard version Quicktime videos (that can be downloaded), Windows Media videos (also downloadable), and now streaming video which can be viewed on iPhones and similar hand held devices, including Ipads. We’re giving our members more options to view their favorite models’ videos and multimedia."

New AAG models: Aaron Green & Jeremy Y.

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