when you least expect them and need them most

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I didn't even notice him at first. Well that's a lie, he is hard not to notice. I recognized how beautiful he was and appreciated it but left it at that. There was so much going on with me, I was still haunted by someone that had shattered me to the core. And then there was getting adjusted to a whole new city, a foreign one at that. I had no time for anyone else but my broken self, and I was more than okay with that.

Time heals all wounds, or so they say. And I was picking up all my broken pieces and happy again, for the first time in a year I could breathe easy. Being away, out of reach and six hours ahead changed my perspective. I had time to finally fix myself without being hounded by harassing calls and messages.

And then it happened. Things like this you never see coming, people like him. I had no idea that first night all that he would come to mean. I wasn't looking for him at all, but there he was. Making eyes and flirting lead to dancing which lead to much much more. And he was mine, and I was his, at least for a time. And it was magical. Never before had something come so easy. It was simple and it was fun and it was perfect. Dancing and laughing for hours, falling into each others arms, whispering and playing and loving. No hurt or disappointment, nothing like before.

It was perfect, but it was fleeting. Time was up in my foreign city and it was back to reality. He will always be a happy memory. The endless potential of all that we were and all that we could have been will always make my heart ache in the best and worst of ways. More than anything though he showed me that things happen to you when you least expect them and need them most. Without knowing he helped me fix my broken pieces.

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