Bizarre Earrings

Maybe you are so fond of earrings, aren't you? Women do love to wear earrings because they add beauty, style, fashion and elegance to their attire and appearance. Designers of earrings came up to an idea of making bizarre earrings like the ones you see in the pictures below.

Well, you are free to imagine yourself wearing any of them and feel free to laugh as well. (lol!)

Chuck Norris Earrings
Ear Earrings
Javelin Earrings
Comfort Food Earrings
Gummy Candies Jar Earrings
Piranha Plant Earrings
Bulb Earrings

Squirrel Feet Earrings

Ipod Earrings
Thermometer Earrings

You can choose any of them. Which do you like to wear?

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