Ten Strangest and Funniest Toilets and Urinals

Here are ten strangest and funniest toilets and urinals. Have fun!

Can you imagine yourself sitting on this toilet? LOL! This one is really one of a kind.
What you see describes it all...haha

A creepy clown?  This one is really funny. You might want to play at it instead of peeing.
This makes peeing sacred. So behave...
A wide open mouth ready to swallow what you discharge!

Where can you find restrooms with sexy, seductive mannequins like the ones seen in the photo?
Well, this very unique restroom can be found in a shopping center in Weiterstadt, Germany.

Putting bling-bling in your toilet? See how sophisticated it may look like!

There's really a sound in silence.
Women looking at your ***... Oh, they are just checking the size. LOL!

This one fits for people who take 24 hours as their work schedule. No time wasted! Even in the CR, work is still going on!

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