Valeria Lukyanova --the Living Doll: Fake or Real?

A dream come true??? 

(Photos credit: Facebook) 

Claimed as the "most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language Internet”, a 21-year-old Russian model, Valeria Lukyanova, has achieved her big dream of becoming a living Barbie doll after undergoing a plastic surgery. She caught the attention of the public as she appeared in the internet with her various pictures showing her looks that really resemble like a plastic doll.

Her unbelievable doll-look and figure have made people react and wonder...
Amidst her rise to popularity, Lukyanova received varied feedbacks from people. Others don't believe that she is real, that it's just a scam and that she is definitely fake and only wants to get money.

Despite the negative criticisms that burst along with her popularity, she is still firm in claiming that she has never undergone any surgery and that she is real.


                                                      Fake or real??? You decide...

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