Greg Plitt: Triceps TNT Workout

"If you want an explosion in life, you have to light a flame first." Greg Plitt is excellent at combining philosophy with workout. The bodybuilder and top cover model continues: "Get ready to light that flame and explode your arm size when you explode your triceps with my Triceps TNT Workout, just added to the Members Section. This intense workout unleashes a brutal assault on the three heads of the triceps in superset fashion, bringing them to failure to unleash maximum mass growth. If you're ready to accept failure in order to achieve success, then the Triceps TNT Workout is ready for you!" The thrilling preview video:

The full Triceps TNT Workout is available at
The Members Section contains 188 videos, including 54 instructional workout videos, $9.95 a month for full access.

Greg Plitt at Facebook:
Members Testimonial Video:
Greg’s Twitter:!/gregplitt

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