Preston Noble: Brains & Brawn


There is much more to Preston Noble than his spectacular calves. This amateur bodybuilder was a finalist for the 2012 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search, and he's only been in serious bodybuilding mode for about a year. Even before he started in the industry, this Arizona native was taking great care of his body. Now he clobbers weight in the gym and adheres to an honest eating philosophy based on sound science and his mother's good example. In this video you can follow his complete program - training, nutrition and supplementation - and find balance between brains and brawn.

Vital Stats:
Name: Preston Noble
Age: 23
Weight: 190 lbs, 177 lbs Contest
Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Sales and personal training
Education: Mesa Community College
Contest History: NPC Western regional Nov 5th, Spokesmodel contest, NPC Western USA March 10th, NPC Utah March 24th, NPC Culver City Grand Prix April 14th
Super Powers: Hulk Smashing Powers!
Athletic Background: I played basketball with my Dad and family all growing up and then played football and volleyball in High school.
Ultimate Goal: Become free in all aspects of life through doing what I love most!

To learn more about Preston's training go here:

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